VoIP PBX phone exchange

VoIP phone

Our PBX solution is VoIP based and is hosted on a server that can be both phisical or virtual.

With a compatible solution you don’t have to worry about problems in finding phones when you need to enlarge your business or when a device breaks up. Devices are always compatible with VoIP PBX solution because it is interoperable.

It is also possible to integrate mobile phones through VPN and SIP compatible apps or native android/IOS configurations (where available).

Advantages of a VoIP PBX solution:

  • flexible solution;
  • durability;
  • ability to backup and restore the whole PBX;
  • voice mail can be sent as attachment via e-mail;
  • phone calls can be recorded selectively (line or party based);
  • communication with terminal devices goes through IP protocol;
  • use of soft-phone and app for mobile phone.

Reasons for choosing a VoIP PBX

Because is the top of the market in terms of flexibility in voice communications

It is possibile, directly from user’s phone, to activate the “follow me” functions that transfers all calls directed to the extension, to another externsion or even a mobile number in order not to miss important calls and being free to move around if needed.

Phones use same network protocols as normal PC, thus is easy to route this trafic through VPNs.

For the reason above it is possible to have extensions both on other offices, or at home simulating a big common office, making possible the normal operativity of other secondary offices and communications betweens colleagues without using the public phone lines.

Is it also possible to call using main phone number even if not in presence, thus not showing personal mobile number.

In the same way, with a VPN and using SIP functionality of mobile phones, is it possible to make and receive calls in the same way as it would be in office, making possible to have calls filtered by a company assistant.